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My name is Adam Wood and I am the father of a 25 week old micro preemie named Brady. Brady was born at Connecticut Children's Medical Center on May 25, 2018 weighing just 1 lb 4 oz. Our son was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) and a variety of other respiratory issues. Brady spent time on the oscillator, ventilator, nitrous blends, CPAP and even went home on low flow oxygen to help develop his lungs.  

Like many NICU families, we had many ups and downs in our 135 day roller coaster journey. We learned many lessons along the way and one was to always celebrate the wins. We celebrated his first bath or first outfit like it was Christmas Day!! 


During my time in the NICU, I read countless books to our son from Dr. Suess to the medical journals the doctors left behind. I noticed that there were very few, if any, books that tackle the day to day life of a preemie family. I decided to write "Our Preemie Adventure" which takes a humorous and heartwarming look at the milestones these children achieve as they work towards going home. From coming off of CPAP to getting a G Tube; the book tries to represent the journey of not only our family but millions more. 

Our Journey from NICU to Now 
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I hope that this book will help families past, present and future by giving them a few laughs and letting them know they aren't alone. This book is just as much for children as it is for parents. Parents can look back at the journey they went through and show their little miracles how their life began. 

The goal of Preemie Adventures is to help support NICU families by bringing humor into their lives. We want to connect millions of families through shared experiences and use laughter to cure those wounds.


We also are here to support charitable organizations, hospitals, vendors and those who support NICU families. We will be continously partnering with organizations to help connect families with services and provide a support channel for the entire preemie community. If you are intersted in helping to donate books or partner with us then reach out to us at You can also reach out via our social media platforms located below. 

"Always Fight Like a Preemie" 

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