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Check out our Preemie Adventures stores on Redbubble or Tee Public for one-of-a-kind gear to show your preemie pride. We also showcase other small businesses who provide services, products or keepsakes for the NICU community. If you would like to be featured on our website email us at


Check out our offical "Preemie Adventures" Store on TeePublic. You can purchase NICU/Preemie themed shirts, mugs, hoodies, phone cases, prints, home decor and more....


The Zaky® award-winning products provide extra-hands for new parents allowing for zero separation while safely holding and calming your baby so they can sleep and feel safe. Our products extend the power of your touch to nurture your baby and create a micro-environment that promotes sleep, brain development, and attachment around the clock. 


Check out our offical "Preemie Adventures" Store on Redbubble. You can purchase NICU/Preemie themed shirts, mugs, hoodies, phone cases, prints, home decor and more....


Support for Medically Complex & Tube Fed Families. Check out their ETSY shop.


Pants for Peanuts was inspired by a preemie mom whose daughter was three pounds at birth. She had challenges finding pants that would fit and created Pants for Peanuts. Finding pants that fit is a real problem and it is their goal to tackle this issue with ultra slim pants for children who are extra long and lean.

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Finn & Co. Gifts - Featuring Finn the Panda, the perfect gift for premature babies and babies in the hospital. Finn helps keep babies and parents close even when they have to be apart. It is the perfect present for premies and babies in the incubator, to help them feel safe and bond with their caregiver.


K.O. Cannula Swag creates custom cut and printed nasal sticker tape to brighten the day of those that see our tape instead of the plain tape.

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 Provides support to NICU families past, present and future. They offer one to one sessions via zoom, consultations, group therapy, online courses and training. They also do outreach via social media to provide educational and supportive services.



Provides support, blogs, care packages and products for NICU and preemie families. Individuals can also donate and help support families in need during their NICU stay. 

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Helping families celebrate their baby's start to life, despite the trauma of NICU and pre-term birth, with 1:1 scale newborn posters. They draw custom posters using your own photos. Each poster is accurately scaled to show your babies true birth size and customized with some of baby's birth details. Profits are donated to Early Birth Association, who look after the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton, England. 

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FLRRiSH is the premier resource for preemie parents, helping families navigate the unexpected journey from hospital to home. Created by a NICU mom, our programs are designed to inspire, empower and educate. As part of your care team, we're here to help you flourish. 


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Provides continuing education courses for new therapy graduates, NICU parents, and parents of small children birth-3 years of age. They have free tips as well as courses in sleeping, mental health, financial aid service and others helpful to NICU families. 


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​ Dr. Jess Daigle is a board-certified pediatrician and Nicu/pediatric hospitalist who is driven to help moms and babies, term or premature, THRIVE in the 4th trimester and beyond. Her desire is to minimize the strain on moms mentally and physically in the postpartum period and help them feel confident taking care of their babies and themselves.

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Our goal is to make skin to skin time easy and attainable anywhere and anytime your baby needs you close.  When you connect with your little one, you teach them how to connect with others.  Skin to skin time is the first step in developing a loving, empathetic and lifelong bond.  Bonsie is designed by a mom and therapist to help make this important first step a little easier!

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